Tender Loving Care Restorations, LLC

At TLC Restorations our passion is our life and our commitment is clear. Build the best car we can build. Our commitment is proven by the cars we have completed and the testimonies of those who own them.

Not all restorations are created equal.

Each and every car that is restored by TLC Restorations is done so with the owners goals kept in mind. The only perfect car is the car that is built to match your goals and expectations. We are not interested in building your car for anyone but, you. At TLC Restorations, the customer is always right.

We have built cars from 1929-1980.

We have built from manufactures such as Ford, Mopar, Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Chevy. Our typical build is to the OEM specification with a few customer requested upgrades or changes.

TLC Restorations has been fortunate enough to gain a new friend with each and every new project we start.

We work very hard to make the restoration of your car a very pleasurable experience. Much goes into a full restoration that will need thought about, brakes, suspension, paint, engine, interior, plating, polishing, fitting etc…. We will provide the owner with several options and choices to make during the process of the restoration. This tight working relationship has always lead to a happy and satisfied customer at the end of the project.

Please take a few moments and look over our website and see what we have to offer.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work. Our small shop atmosphere offers personal attention to every detail. We align, fit, test, paint, plate and polish every part of your car. We even adjust your headlights.

Please enjoy our website and stop back again. We update our website weekly.