66 GTO conv. 466 cubic inch fuel injection, Tremec 5spd, posi.

Bob purchased this car some 12+ years ago. He has made several upgrades over the years. He even pulled the body from the frame and restored the rolling chassis and painted the underside. He wants to repaint/restore the car one last time. We are please Bob has chosen us to complete all metalwork, bodywork and paint on car. Bob is a hands on guy and will be doing everything but what he has let us help him out with.

69 Chevelle SS 396 cubic inch 375hp, 4spd., posi.

This is the car everyone has dreamed about. Jerry purchased this car “NEW”. He ordered the 375hp, 4spd. and posi.. He only put on 20,022.6 miles on this car since new. Bad news…. In 1975 he had the car tubbed. Bad choice. The car ended up with both qtr’s wrinkled. Watch as we take this car back to new condition.

68 Impala SS

Tom's mother purchased this car new! Tom has asked TLC Restorations to help bring this well used Impala SS back to its original condition.

A frame-off restoration was started on this 1970 Chevelle SS conv. 4spd. with air over 8 years ago by the owner and a good friend.

TLC Restorations has been asked to help complete the restoration. We will be finishing this car completely. Please follow along. Click to see the transformation in process.

64 Impala SS

This 1964 Impala SS was repainted/restored by another shop. Then sent to another shop for additional work to be completed/finished. That shop called us to help them finish the metalwork. As you will see from the pictures, we replaced all of the underside metal on a car that was already finished.

69 Oldsmobile 442, 4spd.

Gary and Cheryl have owned this car for some 25 years. They have been collecting parts since day one. They know exactly what they want. Gary only needed help with the metalwork and paint. Please check out the restoration of his body and frame.

1978 Pontiac Trans AM

Please follow along as we complete all the metalwork and bodywork on this 1978 Trans-am. This Trans-am was ordered with a big block, 4sp and air-conditioning. The owner will be doing all of the assembly.

72 Chevelle SS 468 cubic inch, 3spd. automatic.

Bob already had done most everything possible to this beautiful car. Including body and paint. After his last engine modification, Bob was forced to remove the original cowl induction hood and replace it with an aftermarket fiberglass hood. We spent some time to make the fiberglass hood fit the car. We also added the hood pins and the special hood stripe.

1971 Chevelle Elcamino

Please follow along as we swap out the current 350 cubic inch engine with a rebuild replacement. We will also be upgrading the exhaust/transmission.

66 Impala SS

Daryl and Sue purchased this car some 25 years ago! They have stored this car with the intention of some day restoring it. That day has arrived. TLC Restorations is glad to help build them the car they have been dreaming of.

John purchased this car with full intentions of restoring it to look like the 1965 Buick GS he purchased new.

He’s planning on doing all of the upgrades that he wanted to do 40+ years ago but, couldn’t. Follow along as TLC Restorations builds his Buick.

47 International Truck small block chevy & turbo trans.

Rich and his wife purchased this very clean truck just a few short years ago. During winter storage, a fire started under his hood while the truck was being run. The fire burned the wiring, rack & pinion steering, brake components, paint, etc…. We were pleased to put their truck back in working order for them.

37 Chevy Sedan

The owner Tim was looking for parts for his other 37 Chevy and ended up finding this car in the process. He couldn’t pass on it. So, after finishing his other 37 Chevy he decided to do this one. As with many of our customers, Tim only needed help with the body and paint. We were glad to he asked us to help him out. Please check it out.

69 GTO Judge 468 cubic inch engine, 5 spd. manual trans, posi..

Steve did all of his own work on this car. Most of the bodywork had already been finished by the time we jumped in. With only a little effort on our end, we were able to finish his bodywork and paint his car. Check out the transformation.

1978 Pontiac Trans Am.

Bill and Sandra own this 1978 TransAm. They are the original owners. They have asked TLC Restorations to help them remove the rusted areas from the underside of the car. Please follow along as we complete the repair of the underside only.

This 1970 Chevelle SS convertible is a 396 big block with a turbo 400 automatic trans.

The metalwork and restoration was started by the owner. We were asked to help fit the panels and complete the body and paint work.

Mike purchased this truck from his Grandfather.

His grandfather purchased this truck new and only put about 30 thousand miles on the truck. As you will see from the pictures, this truck was in very good condition to start with.

1965 Impala SS.

Take a look at this nice 1946 Chevrolet Truck.

The engine and transmission have been upgraded to a more current small block with a turbo transmission. It has also been upgraded to power disc-brakes and now a fresh coat of paint to finish the job.

A very nice 1980 Camaro. Loaded up including T-tops and air conditioning.

A very nice restoration of a 1967 Chevelle SS. A great looking original car.

TLC finished the restoration of this 1963 Impala SS. The owner wanted to have a period correct drag race look to his car. Please notice the 327 2x4 cross-ram and the original style tires and cheater slicks.

Gary and Deb have enjoyed this truck since purchasing it new in 1979. They had sold it at one time and were lucky enough to buy it back again. They have decided that they want in restored to like new condition. Please follow along as we build them a new 1979 Ford 250 4x4 again in 2009.

This restoration project is a numbers matching 1965 Buick Grand Sport 2dr. hardtop. This car has the original 401 nail head, 4 spd. transmission and posi-traction. The owner also has the protect-o-plate and build sheet. The owner has been collecting NOS Buick GS parts for this restoration for several years. Please look at the extensive rust and metal repair done on this car. A mix of new and used metal parts are being used.

Wayne and Jessica purchased this car as a bench seat Cutlass S. After driving the car they decided they wanted more. So, they asked TLC Restorations to help them transform their car into a 1970 Olds 442 W30 4spd.. We were lucky enough to find many original parts for this transformation. Please check out the detail on their car.

TLC Restorations was asked to repaint this already very nice car. Please click on the pictures that show the process. After the car was stripped, we were all shocked to see this car needed a complete new floor pan with braces. Bob and Cheryl can now enjoy their solid frame-off 1960 Chevy Impala 4dr hardtop.

This 1959 T-bird has been owned by the same family for 40+ years. Mike and Cindy have been the lucky owners for some 25 years. The car has already been painted and the engine and trans have been rebuild. TLC Restorations has been asked to reassemble their T-bird. Click the photos for more pictures.

Greg purchased this car just a few short years ago. Greg decided to have TLC Restorations complete a frame-off restoration after noticing several things didn’t work on the car and that very little attention was taken to assemble the car with the correct parts. Please click on a photo to see the slideshow of the restoration.

Roger started this restoration project some years before TLC Restorations was asked to help. The decision was made early on to complete a full frame-off restoration. Please take a look at the restoration of this 1963 Impala SS convertible complete with a dual-quad 409, 4spd. with positraction.

Jim’s father purchased this car new in 1953. Jim asked that TLC Restorations help him get his car repainted for his parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. Jim brought us the car just a little over a month before the anniversary. See the attached photos.

Wanden asked TLC Restorations to repair all of the rust on this 69 Charger RT. As you can see from the attached photos, this was a big job. The car was over 60% rust. Please notice the frame/surface plate the car is welded to.

Jeff purchased this 1929 Ford from his grandfather. This was Jeff’s first project car ever. TLC Restorations was asked to help with the body and paint. Most all other work was performed from Jeff himself.

This 1961 Chevy Belair Parkwood wagon is a two owner car. Car still had the original paint, interior, engine, etc… TLC Restorations did a complete repaint.

TLC Restorations was asked to help with a complete repaint on this 1969 Firebird. During the restoration the owner decided to update the interior, trunk area and engine compartment.

TLC Restorations was asked to help with a complete repaint on this 1971 Malibu. The owner, Don wanted to give the car a more traditional SS look. So, we added all of the standard SS equipment to the outside of the car.

Todd is a repeat customer to TLC Restorations. Todd asked TLC Restorations to repair all of the rust and to sandblast his 1967 Mustang. Not all restorations at TLC Restorations are complete restorations.

Wayne pulled the engine from this 1969 RoadRunner for a complete rebuild. After he pulled the engine he noticed that much work was needed before reinstalling the engine. He asked TLC Restorations to help with the engine bay clean-up and reassembly.

This 1979 Z-28 was purchased new by Corey’s brother. Corey bought this car from his brother when he turned sixteen. He sold the car when he was nineteen. After almost 20 years, he found the car and bought it back. TLC Restorations was asked to complete all bodywork and paint.