1966 Shelby

1970 Chevelle SS

Dale (the owner of the vehicle) has been working on this car for some 3+years. He decided that the car was not moving forward very fast and that he would like us to help him get it in paint. Watch along as we move his car into the original green with white stripes!

1968 Impala

The owner of this 1968 Impala purchased it on June 1989. The car's history is based in Edgerton, WI. Local to our Milton, WI shop. I looked to purchase this car myself when I was younger. The owner loves the ’68 Impala tail lights. This car is nicely optioned with disc brakes and factory am/fm radio. The car was cosmetically restored in 1990. TLC Restorations has been asked to help to replace/restore the rolling frame and chassis. David (the owners son) has fond memories of this car. This car is a Geske family heirloom..

1955 Cameo Pickup

This 1955 Cameo is a project from another shop. We have been asked to complete the metal and paint work.

65 Ford Galaxy XLT 390 cubic inch, 4spd.

Steve has owned this car since high school. The car was only a few years old when he purchased the car. He has had several years of fun with it before he set it in the garage some 30 years ago. Now with the car pulled out of the garage, we are full steam ahead to complete a full restoration. Steve and his family will be enjoying this car again soon.

1949 Chevrolet.

67 Mustang conv. 289 cubic inch, automatic.

Tom started the restoration on this 1967 Mustang. He is very familiar with what it takes to restore a car. He and his father have worked on several cars. After getting this car apart, he found damage from a previous accident and rust that had been covered over. Watch as we transform this car.

Cory purchased this car some 20 years ago when he was in high school.

The car has been sitting for almost as long. TLC Restorations has been asked to restore his car back to the original 389 tri-power 4spd.

Jim and Sheri asked TLC Restorations to help with the bodywork, metalwork, paint and chassis rebuild on their 1966 GTO tri-power.

After driving this car for several years they have a good idea as to the upgrades they want to make it more enjoyable. Please take a look to see the four wheel power disc-brakes, larger than stock front and rear sway bars, addition of power steering, and KYB shocks on all four corners. Click to see the transformation in process.

65 Impala SS 396 cubic inch 325hp, 4spd., posi.

Russ sold his pristine newer corvette to purchase and restore this gem. Russ is the 3rd. owner of this number matching car. Russ located the original owner of this car. We hope to reunite the original owner and the restored car soon. Please follow along as we go back to 1965.

67 Chevelle SS 396 cubic inch 325 hp, 4spd., bench seat, gauge package.

Lenny purchased this car from his brother in-law. It’s been in the family since 1970! All documentation from day one is with this super clean original car numbers matching car. Watch as we install a 540 cubic inch engine, 5spd. Kessler trans and a Currie 12 bolt posi.. We will also be upgrading the suspension, steering and brakes.

1968 Pontiac GTO

This car is an original 1968 GTO convertible with a 400 cubic inch engine and 4 speed. The build sheet for this numbers matching car was found on top of the gas tank. TLC Restorations has been working on this car off and on for 9+ years. Watch as we complete this car for 2010!

1966 Corvair Corsa

This 1966 Corvair Corsa has the 180 hp turbo engine with a factory 4sp. These cars are fun to drive and own. The owner of this Corvair has made several performance upgrades. After driving the car for 4 years, he has decided to restore the Corvair.